The Different Kinds of Curtains to Beautify Your Humble Abode

Add some colour to your home. If you are in the mood to decorate the spaces of your homes, adding curtains definitely makes your interior look more vibrant. There are so many choices to choose from that come with different textures, colours and significant function. If you are a resident in Australia looking for curtains in Sydney, Sydney Curtains and Blinds has lots of curtains perfect for any kind of home. They provide quality products for their clients and make sure the curtains they choose benefit their household needs. Here are the different kinds of curtains that you can use to decorate your homes.

Different Curtains in Sydney

1 – Sash Curtains

These are usually the kinds of curtains you would see in any household, especially in the kitchen or bathroom. Sash curtains are designed to shield the lower window sash and filter light. Asides from that it also makes an absolutely beautiful decoration, these usually made with marquisette or cheesecloth and are finished with narrow hems for a gorgeous finishing.

2 – Sheer Curtains

A very typical inviting kind of curtain you can find in a living room or bedroom. These are flowy translucent curtains that are best paired with other kinds of colourful, patterned curtains. If you live in a sunny area these kinds of curtains are perfect for filtering light, but it is also designed to shield the view from the outside as well. What makes sheer curtains grand is that it is best paired with any traditional or modern design. It also makes an amazing backdrop for any household.

3 – Draperies

Compared to sash and sheer curtains, draperies are the kinds of curtains that are made of heavyweight fabric, perfect to completely block out light from the outside. They usually differ as a modern, sophisticated decoration or a more relaxed one and are made from velvet or silk. Compared to curtains, drapes are pleated, touch the floor and are most stylish compared to other curtains. Drapes look especially beautiful when they are both hanged at both ends of the window, giving your home that lavish look.

4 – Blinds

These are not made of fabric but instead made of wood, aluminum or louvers. Just like any kind of curtain, blinds are designed to shield light from the outdoors. In comparison to curtains, blinds require less effort because a cord is used to let the light in or completely shut the light out. Also, there are various kinds of blinds of different colours and texture, perfect to match any kind of bedroom.

5 – Waterfall Valance

If you wish to add a little more spark to your household, decorating your living room or bedroom with a waterfall valance curtain will do just the trick. It is a flowing drape that is shifted on a rod and usually designed with tassels. Compared to the usual function of any curtain, a waterfall valance is more of a decoration these can be paired up with a sheer curtain to help block the outside light.

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